Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

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Connect your practice to your community

Social media marketing is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies to reach ideal patients, with more than 70% of the U.S. population being on social media. By creating and posting targeted social media content, we help you stay top-of-mind with existing patients even when they're not in your office and we maximize your reach to potential patients, growing your brand awareness and new patient leads.

Strategic Social Media Management for Chiropractors

Stay Top-Of-Mind On Top Social Networks
Being active on social media is more than just auto-posted articles and cat memes. For social media to work for your chiropractic practice, it needs to be strategic and authentic. That’s why we encourage high-quality, personalized content that showcases you, your practice, and your community.

With us, beautiful design and targeted advertising come together to create one of the most cost-effective ways for you to get in front of the people who matter. Hyper-focused segmenting allows us to retarget your existing patients and generate social referrals, or reach cold audiences in your market that aren't yet aware of their chiropractic needs.

Our chiropractic marketing agency takes the stress out of managing multiple profiles, so you can get back to chiropractic while we bring an expert eye to the design and storytelling of your posts, helping you stand out from the crowd.
Top Social Platforms
We create and post high-quality social content each week across Facebook and Instagram. We'll also update your profiles and add professionally designed banners to present your brand at its best.
Boosted Posts
We understand how to navigate the ever-changing algorithms and intricacies of social media — we'll help your social posts gain and maintain traction through a targeted boosting campaign, increasing your social engagement and reach.
Targeted Social Ads
We build, manage, and optimize a personalized ad campaign each quarter, focused on your specific practice goals, whether it's growing new patient lead generation, promoting a special offer, building awareness of an event, or increasing your page followers.
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What You Can Expect

Profile & Content Management

Take the stress out of social media
There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram each! Don't shy away from the crowds — we'll help you use it to your advantage and stay top-of-mind on the top social networks. We'll build or clean up your social media profiles and develop a content schedule to build consistency and retention with your followers.


Make discovery and engagement easy
Hashtags make your content discoverable, and posts with at least one tag show higher engagement than those without. So how do you choose the right ones? Our team conducts hashtag research to discover local, trending, and relevant tags so your content receives maximum engagement and participates in your community's narrative.

Monthly Content Reminders

Stand out with relevant and authentic content
Social media works when content is authentic and meaningful, and we emphasize unique, personal content that your audience can engage with. Our monthly emails will help you keep up with social media trends and guide you through taking great photos and videos to be shared on social platforms.

Targeted Boosting and Ad Campaigns

Reach the right audiences
Our social media experts know the ins and outs of creating custom audiences that match your ideal patient base, whether it's geographic, demographic, behavioral, interest-based, or any combination of the above. We craft engaging copy paired with eye-catching imagery and get your practice in front of your target audience.

Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

Lead social media users to your front desk
Our targeted ad campaigns include a conversion-optimized landing page, personalized to your practice identity and featuring your unique branding, benefits, and message. Our ads funnel social media users toward a clear call-to-action, turning them into new patient leads sent directly to your front desk.

24/7 Reporting Dashboard

Measure your marketing performance
We believe in informed, metrics-driven decision making and total transparency, which is why we offer a reporting dashboard for your social media marketing — you see what we see! With 24/7 access to your dashboard, you can monitor your campaign's performance with real-time data about your published posts, follower demographics, audience engagement, and more.

Our Social Media Services for Chiropractors

Grow your brand awareness and new patient leads by engaging with your community on social media. Well Rounded offers a variety of chiropractic social media marketing services based on your needs and practice goals, along with convenient and affordable pricing.
Social Content
starting at
For practices that have never done social media and need foundational work.
  • Profile setup and/or cleanup
  • 2 Facebook posts per week
  • 2 Instagram posts per week
  • Monthly content reminder emails
  • 24/7 reporting dashboard
  • Automated monthly report
Social Ads
starting at
For practices seeking to maximize their engagement and reach on social media, or those looking for targeted ad strategies.
  • Profile setup and/or cleanup
  • Content boosting campaigns*
  • 1 quarterly targeted ad campaign*
  • 1 personalized landing page
  • System-focused video ad scripts from Dr. Beau each quarter
  • Monthly content reminder emails
  • 24/7 reporting dashboard
  • Automated monthly report
Recommended ad spend: $100‑$200/month*
*boosting budget and ad spend are not included in management fees
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