Pay Per Click (PPC) for Chiropractors

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Turn clicks into new patient calls

Google Ads (also known as "pay per click" or "PPC") campaigns put your practice in front of the right patients through prominent placement on search engines. Our chiropractic campaigns win you a spot at the top of Google, driving quality leads from expertly crafted keyword and market targeting, coupled with budget-conscious bidding optimizations. We track every click and conversion to help you make the best, metric-driven decisions and calculate your ROI.

Chiropractic Google Ads that take your practice to the top

Grow your patient base and maximize your marketing ROI
While both PPC and SEO share the same goal of driving your website to the top of search results, sometimes competitive keyword rankings just aren't enough to drive patients through your practice's doors. Both are valuable marketing techniques (with SEO allowing you to focus on your long-term goals), and Google Ads campaigns are a great solution when you need to kick-start or gain momentum in your patient lead generation.

Many general PPC providers will tell you to throw money at your ads to generate more traffic, but Well Rounded take a different approach. We understand that Google looks at the quality of your ads, not just the quantity of your ad spend. We understand that chiropractors have different methods, just as your patients have different conditions, and you need a PPC campaign that's adjusted to your practice's goals.

Our team of PPC experts analyzes the data from each chiropractic ad campaign and transforms our findings into action. Our metric-driven decision making allows us to understand your specific audience and market, fine-tune your targeting and budgeting, and maximize your overall return on investment.
Increased Call Volume
Our Google Ads campaigns are focused on driving patient calls to your office, enabled by dynamic tracking numbers on your website. By measuring your campaign results, we pinpoint the keywords that drive patients to action and the ads that drive the highest conversions, maximizing your ROI.
Optimized Landing Pages
Your Google Ads are directed to personalized landing pages, optimized for converting paid traffic into new patient leads. Our landing pages are equipped with lead generating calls-to-action that send new patients straight to your front desk, putting your new patient growth into overdrive.
Reporting Dashboard
You have 24/7 access to a personalized reporting dashboard, so you can see up-to-the-minute results from every campaign. Don’t worry about having to look at three different PDF reports — we combine all the information you need in one, easy-to-navigate portal. When you're on the go, you can also access your dashboard from any mobile device!
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What You Can Expect

Keyword Research & Targeting

Target the keywords that matter
Choosing the right keywords for your PPC campaign to bid on is a major factor in how well your Google ads are positioned. Our keyword targeting strategy is backed by data-driven research and analysis to determine highly relevant keywords for your services, market, and practice goals.

Expertly Crafted Ad Copy

Win new patients with click-worthy ad copy
An effective PPC campaign relies on delivering the right message to potential patients and compelling them to click your ads. Our expertly crafted Google Ad copy is personalized to your practice, written with you and your ideal patient in mind. We test and optimize all ad groups, setting up your campaign for success.

Patient Lead Generating Landing Pages

Turn clicks into conversions
Our landing pages are personalized to your practice identity, featuring your branding and offers. Optimized for conversion, we funnel website visitors from paid traffic toward a clear call-to-action, sending new patient leads directly to your front desk.

Display Network Remarketing

Maximize your brand recognition
Only 2% of initial visitors to your website will contact you – retargeting helps re-engage the 98%. By tracking who visits your site, we can place ads on networks and platforms to maximize your brand recognition and engagement. We also place ads and calls to action within specific demographic groups to ensure that your ad spend is as targeted as possible.

Dedicated Ads Specialist

Rest assured your campaign is in good hands
All of our Google Ads are managed by real people in our office, dedicated to monitoring and optimizing your campaign's performance and budget. We don't just set it and forget it. We're constantly evaluating our strategies and applying the latest techniques to drive more conversions for your practice.

24/7 Reporting Dashboard

Measure your marketing performance
We believe in informed, metrics-driven decision making and total transparency, which is why we offer a reporting dashboard for your PPC campaign — you see what we see. With 24/7 access to your dashboard, you can monitor your campaign's performance; see every ad that's running; review real-time data about your clicks, conversions, and average ad position; and more!

Our Chiropractic PPC Services

We want to maximize your ROI by winning you a spot at the top of Google and growing your patient numbers. Well Rounded offers a variety of chiropractic PPC services based on your needs and practice goals, along with convenient and affordable pricing.
Google Search Ads
starting at
For practices that want to dip their toe into PPC marketing.
  • 10 ad campaigns
  • 1 landing page
  • Dedicated PPC specialist
  • 24/7 reporting dashboard
  • Automated monthly report
Google Display Ads
starting at
For practices seeking to maximize their brand's recognition and engagement, and to utilize retargeting strategies.
  • 1 branded remarketing campaign
  • 5 personalized display ads
  • Dedicated PPC specialist
  • 24/7 reporting dashboard
  • Automated monthly report
Recommended ad spend: $400‑$800/month*
*ad spend is not included in management fees
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